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Meet Dr SK Rajan.

Head of Spine Surgery

A Pioneer in Keyhole Spine Surgery

Surgical experience: 20+ years

Focus on spine patients: 15+ years

Trained & Worked in USA & UK

Success rate: More than 95%

: 98% < 456 Reviews >

  : 5 Star < 183 Reviews >

Recipient of Multiple Reputed Awards

Did you know that most disc-related pains
can be cured without surgery?

If you are experiencing pain for less than 6 weeks and do not have any weakness in the nerves, you are very likely to benefit from our well-established non-surgical treatment protocols!
We follow Internationally-recommended treatment protocols to treat disc-related pain and discomfort, with more than 90% response rate using just medicines & physiotherapy alone.

Early-stage slip discs can be managed medically

Find out if you can avoid surgery by sharing your scans and previous prescriptions

Will I need surgery for my disc problem?

It’s important to understand when surgery may be needed for treating your disc pain…
While majority of our patients recover with medicines & that is usually our first line of
treatment, the following patients may need a keyhole disc procedure to relieve the pain:

  • Those with some weakness of nerves (limp or urine/stool related problem/ leg numbness)
  • Those with severe pain (negatively affecting their quality of life)
  • Those suffering for along period of time (more than 6-8 weeks) and showing poor response to medicines

Which patients need surgery

Want to know how to get better without surgery?

I’ve been told that I need surgery
on my spine but I’m afraid.

Is it safe to undergo lumbar disc surgery?

If you have not responded well enough to conservative management for your pains then keyhole surgical intervention might be the best way to relieve your pain & regain your normal life.

With rapid advances in technology and with availability of keyhole surgical methods, disc surgery conducted by expert hands is now nearly 99% safe & is often just a day stay procedure as experienced by many of our domestic and overseas patients.

Find out how you can safely bounce-back to your active lifestyle again

Patients' Feedback

Learn Why International & Domestic Spine Patients Trust Us

In the last five years alone, patients from over 100 different cities of India and 20 different countries have chosen us for their spine surgery.

The Healing Powers of Keyhole Surgery

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Thanks… I already feel better knowing that!
But is disc surgery a complicated procedure?

Disc surgery (aka Discectomy) is typically a simple 3-step procedure & often take less than an hour:


Gaining access to the ruptured (slipped) disc using a variety of access tools


Removing the loose broken fragments that are creating pressure on your nerves (and sometimes stabilizing the spine after that)


Closing the keyhole wound which is often smaller than a couple of centimetres. Most patients can go home in less than 24 hours of admission

What surgery is usually needed for disc problems?

Find out if you qualify for our ‘Day Stay Disc Surgery’ program under our well established criteria for the same.

I’m confused by the various types of surgeries available on the internet for slipped disc in my lower back. I want the best option. Can you tell me which is the best?

I’m confused by the various types of surgeries available on the internet for slipped disc in my lower back. I want the best option. Can you tell me which is the best?

We can understand your dilemma. It is not unusual to come across terms like Minimally Invasive Discectomy, Endoportal Discectomy, Tube Discectomy, ‘Laser’ Disc Surgery (misnomer), Endoscopic Discectomy, Trans-Formaminal Discectomy, Stitchless Discectomy, etc.

Broadly speaking, there are just two types of established discectomy procedures: traditional open surgery and modern keyhole (mini-cut) surgery.

According to Dr. Rajan: “In my 20+ years of experience, I have seen the following advantages of keyhole disc surgery as compared to traditional open surgery:”

The Advantages Of Keyhole Disc Surgery

Lesser Pain
Lower blood loss
Lesser risk to nerves
Smaller cut on the back
Lesser chances of injection
Faster bounce-back to normal life

“Unlike most centres, our facility offers all of the above discectomy procedures. The procedure is chosen depending on the type of slipped disc, patient’s body structure etc & not on the basis of which particular method is faster for the surgeon or cheaper for the hospital,” Dr. Rajan added.

Find out which type of
discectomy is the best fit for you.

If I need a disc surgery and I decide to go for it then, how do I choose the right surgeon?

Choosing your surgeon:

Does your surgeon specialise in spine?

Research has shown that surgeons who focus on a specific specialty give better results than those who do a mix of unrelated surgeries. Hence, a surgeon who specialises in spine is the better option.

So should I choose a neurosurgeon or an ortho surgeon?

It is important to understand that disc problems arise due to pressure on spinal nerves and not from the bone or disc itself. So it’s logical to consider a neurosurgeon because they understand nerves and nerve-related pain.

Can your surgeon offer ‘safe spine surgery’?

Did you know that most-commonly feared complications in spine surgery are related to poor handling of the nerves? So it’s important to ask your spine surgeon if he has had training in handling nerves safely. Please note that all neurosurgeons should have a formal degree in safe nerve handling.

Does your surgeon offer keyhole disc surgery?

All keyhole disc surgeries (Endoscopic/ Endoportal/ Minimally Invasive etc) have benefits mentioned above. Some even allow for surgery under local anaesthesia and may have same-day discharge. Ask your surgeon which technique he uses & whether he can offer you these benefits.

‘How to Choose Your Surgeon’ in a Nutshell

  • Should be a spine-focused neurosurgeon
  • Should be formally trained in handling nerves
  • Should be routinely using any of the keyhole methods
  • Should have genuine patient feedbacks (photos/videos) on the internet

Dr SK Rajan

MBBS | MS (Surgery)
MCh (Neurosurgery)
Head of Spine Surgery & Addl. Director of Neurosurgery - Artemis

Advanced Fellowships in Spine Surgery:
  1. Cleveland Clinic Spine Institute, Cleveland (USA)
  2. Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London (UK)
  3. National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery, London (UK)
  4. Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai
  5. KEM Hospital, Mumbai
India's first and only Spine-focussed Neurosurgeon
Trained in advanced Spine Treatment from USA & UK
One of the Pioneers of Keyhole Spine Surgery in the country
Formally Qualified (MCh Neurosurgery) in handling nerves safely
Having Over 20 years of surgical experience
With Over 15 years of Focus on Spine Patients
Operated on over 4000 patients & treated countless more medically
Overall Safety, Success in spine of more than 95%
Recipient of several reputed awards
Personally performs all nerve-handling surgeries for positive outcomes

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How To Choose The Right Hospital:

  • Does the Hospital Have Spine Experts?
  • Does the hospital offer all types of keyhole disc surgeries?
  • Does the hospital have Safe Spine Surgery Program?
  • Is the Hospital OT-certified so that it is Infection-free?

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